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Ciemusic Z for lease

Ciemusic Z is the ultimate Children's to Low Junior Jumper. Been there done that, Music has accomplished Team Gold at young Rider's and has had many top finishes at WEF and throughout the country. If you are looking for a horse that can take your rider from Children's jumper to winning ribbons in the Low Junior's, Music is the top choice. Honest, brave, forgiving, and fun! Total asset for any program. Can be tried in Wellington. Could be tried in early December 4-10 at WEC for serious inquires only.

Specs & Price

15.2 hands
Currently showing 4'0" or 1.20, 1.25m
3+ Years Showing
Lease Price $60 - 79k USD

Horse Show Record

USEF #5450704

Ciemusic Z

Ciemusic Z winning horse show
Music for lease
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