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Joe Show Venice

Crown Ridge Just So is a great medium pony prospect. Jo has only a handful of horse show experience, but has always placed at the top. She's the total package, great mover with a beautiful jump. She has been brought along by junior riders under a trainer's guidance. Unfortunately, she has been left on the back burner, but we're gearing her up for the 2024 show season. She's sweet on the ground and kid friendly. Could be tried in Wellington. Can also be brought to WEC Ocala December 4-10 for seriously inquiries only.


Specs & Price

13.1 hands
Welsh Pony
Currently showing 2'3" or 0.7m
Prospect for 2'6" or 0.75, 0.80m
<1 Year Showing
Sale Price $60 - 79k USD
Lease Price $20 - 39k USD

Horse Show Record

USEF #5656260

Crown Ridge Just So

Joe jumping roll top
Joe winning ribbon
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